Alex Nee

Actor, Musician, Circus Artist

Cabaret (emcee)

"Nee is In Your Face, scary and thoroughly engaging, making the Emcee every inch his own creation." — Broadway World Los Angeles
"breathtakingly inventive" — LA Times
"led by the sexy, sensational, and fear-inducing Emcee (Alex Nee who shines like a superstar in the role)" — Culver City News
"Alex Nee is astounding as the Emcee — the range of expression he relays with his eyes alone is incredible. Most of the time, while his face and body are animated, his eyes remain shut-off, dead. But then, in a few specific, harrowing moments, he lets the audience in, lets us see the aching humanity inside." — Stage Raw
"His playful dominance and sexy piercing glances, coupled with smiling eyes that mask his true intentions, make him, often at one and the same time, both loathsome and wickedly charming." — Stage and Cinema
"Alex Nee is the dirtiest Emcee in recent memory. He's the kind of strung out character you don't want to stand too close to. A demonic presence given to frequent ferocious outbursts, he is the product of a frightening time, and Nee invades this world with all the harsh superiority of an animal ready to pounce." — Musicals in LA

Broadwayworld Los Angeles awards 2017

Alex Nee wins Best Featured Actor in a Musical for Andrej in "Once" at South Coast Repertory. "Once" also wins Best Musical.

Romeo and Juliet: Love is a Battlefied Vol. 2 (Romeo)

"Romeo and Juliet receive powerhouse vocal performances fueled with totally uninhibited and intense emotions from Alex Nee and Ashley Argota. Nee and Argota nail their duet of Whitney Houston's "I Have Nothing" in their balcony seduction scene. With their combustible chemistry so off the charts, their version of Pat Benatar's "Love is a Battlefield" so vividly, so easily express their realization of their doomed relationship. Their death scene solos of Benatar's "We Belong" will rip your heart out with both their individual rawness." — Broadway World Los Angeles
"The consistently solid Alex Nee portrays a confident, but not cocky Romeo. He offers a charming, rather sophisticated interpretation of the character, even handling the daunting task of covering Bowie’s Heroes with ease." — Starry Constellation Magazine
"Romeo (a devastatingly hot Alex Nee)" — Stage and Cinema

ONce (andrej, u/s guy, dance captain)

as Guy

"Alex Nee provides a superb portrayal of Guy with his perfected edgy-rock vocals." — Broadway World Chicago
"boy-next-door looks and charm, a rocker's edge, terrific vocals, and an authentic, deeply-felt way with spoken words" — Stage Scene LA
"singing is rich and acting laudably honest." — Chicago Tribune
"Nee gives effective voice to loss and pain." — Orange County Register

as Andrej

"The standout support performance of the night was Alex Nee's portrayal of Andrej... His quiet pain and perseverance radiated across the huge theatre and connected with the audience."  — The New Orleans Advocate
"lithe and dazzling" — SF Gate
"adorable in his vacillation between optimism and despair" — Austin 360

american idiot (Johnny)

"Nee is a talented, handsome, hugely promising young fellow" — Chicago Tribune
"incredibly talented, pocket powerhouse" — Manchester Theatre Awards
"it is certainly Nee who steals the show, so capably does he embody that angst-ridden passion and contradictory nature of the confused but defiant Johnny" — The Buffalo News
"[Alex Nee] carries the entire show on his shoulders." — Times Online
"Alex Nee in particular is just stunning" — Clique Clack